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  • Process Safety

    We at KPB provide niche Technical and Process Safety Consultancy Services

  • Environmental Studies

    Our Expertise in ensuring Environmental Compliance / Consultancy shall ensure that we provide state of the art and tailor-made services

  • Occupational Health Services

    Our team of OH Specialists shall provide customised Occupational Health Risk and Surveillance Services thereby ensuring complete Workforce Protection and compliance

What Sets KPB Apart ?

KPB Consultants are known for their cost-effective solutions coupled with extensive support on health, safety, and environmental consultancy and team management. Our dedicated team of highly skilled scientists, engineers, biologists, and disciplinary experts work to craft the best solution for the personalized needs and requirements of your organization.

Our Services

Our environmental consulting services are missioned to provide you with the best consultation about your business.

Our range of services includes licensing and permitting services to help you analyze the safety conditions of your business.

The air and noise assessment services offered by KPB Consultants analyze and measure the impact of your business model.

Why Choose Us ?

Our highly integrated and economical engineering solutions and consulting services are custom built to provide the safest work environment to the working professionals. Some of the salient features of our services are:

Breadth and Depth of Experience

The strategies and solutions provided by KPB Consultants are born out of the extensive experience of our team of professionals who are experts in their fields.We aim to build a developing and innovative approach for solving environmental, health, and safety issues in thriving organizations. 

Effective Environmental Stewardship

Our occupational health and process safety management strategies are designed while keeping in mind the applicable standards of authorities. Hence, we help businesses to achieve environmental stewardship objectives and deliver cost-efficient technical solutions.

Integrated Approach and Strategy

We work tirelessly to craft an integrated approach that doesn’t hinder the existing operations of the company while minimizing the risks attached to the health and safety. We strive to inculcate the objectives of occupational health, environmental, and process safety into your existing business models

Accessible and Responsive Team

Our team of experts works closely with the business professionals to design a comprehensive approach to solve major engineering challenges. The three remarkable features of our management consultancy are minimized risks, timely schedules, and efficient costs. 

Commitment to Quality of Service

We have 100+ years of combined experience of working in different domains like occupational health,environmental and process safety issues, and industries like oil and gas, petrochemical,infrastructure,water,energy,telecommunication, and pharmaceutical.

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