the term derived demand refers to the idea that a change in the: Notes on the Theory of Demand


Accordingly, for every additional utility consumer is willing to pay less and less price. A fall in income of poor people may compel them to shift from normal to inferior goods. Normal goods – These are those goods in case of which there is positive relation between income and quantity demanded. Quantity demanded increases in response to increase in consumer’s income and vice versa, other things remaining constant. The demand of a commodity was 100 units initially. With the rise in price by ₹ 5, the quantity demanded falls by 5 units.


If the government increase the rate of indirect taxes on goods and services, the demand for then will _______ in general. A fall in price of a commodity leads to _______. _________ is a tabular presentation showing different quantities demanded by buyers at different levels of prices in a given period. All but one are the factors which affect individual demand.

HEALTH CATALYST, INC. Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations (form 10-K) –

HEALTH CATALYST, INC. Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations (form 10-K).

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Therefore, demand and income are directly proportional to normal goods whereas the demand and income are inversely proportional to inferior goods. Far beyond the industries, workers, and consumers directly involved, the chain of derived demand can have a ripple effect on local and even national economies. For example, custom clothing sewn by small local tailor may create a new local market for shoes, jewelry, and other high-end fashion accessories.

What is Derived Demand?

the term “derived demand” refers to the idea that a change in the or “unprocessed” materials are the elemental products used in the production of goods. For example, crude oil is a raw material in the production of petroleum products, such as gasoline. The level of derived demand for a certain raw material is directly related to and dependent on the level of demand for the final good to be produced.

Market demand for a commodity means the sum total of the demand of all individuals. Market demand depends, not only on the prices of the commodity and prices of related commodities but also on the number of factors. A consumer’s demand for a commodity is influenced by the size of his income. In most cases, the larger the income, the greater will be the quantity demanded.

Income effect – It refers to change in demand when there is change in income of the consumer due to fall in price. When price of commodity falls, consumer’s real income increases, so he demands more. Downward sloping, indicating that both businesses and consumers will increase the quantity demanded of loanable funds as the interest rate decreases. The cumulative demand of a product by every individual at a fixed price and time is considered as market demand.

What Is Derived Demand?

Income changes the preferences of individuals, and therefore, affects the need. With time, the tastes and preferences of customers change and that can affect the demand for a particular product. They are resources that are used in the production of a product. For example, lithium batteries are raw materials for cell phones. The level of demand for lithium batteries is directly related to the level of demand for cell phones .


C.aggregate supply changes lead to lower real GDP. Recession is a result of depressed aggregate demand rather than aggregate supply. The consumer’s surplus at the price P1is ____ than the consumer’s surplus at the price of P3 but ____ at the price of P2. If the price of corn rises, other things being the same, the consumers will spend ____ on corn. If the demand for a commodity is ________, the entire burden of indirect tax will fall on the consumer.

One cannot set a fixed mathematical dependence because the construction owners may choose different materials and the quantities will vary based on size, height, etc.. For example, in a certain region, every 100 construction licenses issued typically generate the demand for 200,000 square feet of roof material. Typically means that it can vary, it is not a fixed mathematical relationship. It can be statistically reliable to support a forecast but it is not precise enough to be considered a dependent demand. Dependent demand – it is mathematically dependent upon the production of another item.

When demand of any good reacts immediately to price changes, income changes, etc. it is said to have _______ demand. The goods which can be consumed more than once over a period of time are known as _______ goods. An increase in the income of a consumer has effect on demand in general. Demand of a good of several consumers when added together is called _______ demand. For example, clothes, shoes, machines, and buildings. Perishable goods satisfy the present demand of individuals.

On the other hand, when their prices fall sharply, they buy less, as they are no more prestigious goods. It is not necessary, that the demand curve is a straight line. A demand curve may be a convex curve or a concave curve. It may take any shape provided it is negatively sloped. It only tells us how much quantity of goods would be purchased by the consumer at various possible prices. For example, there are four consumers of sugar .

What is Cardinal and Ordinal Utility? Assumptions

If the construction activity in housing sector, infrastructure, etc. rises, the demand for cement will _______ as it has _______ demand. The total demand for steel in the country denotes _______ demand. _______ goods are those which are used for final consumption. For example, the demand for cars of various brands, such as Toyota, Maruti Suzuki, Tata, and Hyundai, in India constitutes the industry’ demand.

  • The sudden demand for the common processed materials—picks and shovels—was derived from the sudden demand for the rare raw material—gold.
  • However, for a single item, the market demand schedule is rather simple.
  • On the other hand, the total quantity demanded for a product by all individuals at a given price and time is regarded as market demand.
  • Firms that supply products with higher income elasticity of demand can expect ____ as the economy grows.
  • Derived demand comprises three components – raw materials, processed materials, and labor.
  • The market does not provide the ideal or optimal amount of a particular good.

For a factor price taker,the factor supply curve is __________,whereas the market factor supply curve is __________. Demand curve definition is that it is a graphical presentation of the relationship between a product’s price and its demand in a specific period. Typically, the price of a product appears on the vertical axis and the demand on the horizontal axis. It refers to the categorising of demand based on the dependency on other products. If the demand for commodities is not dependable on others, then it is labelled as a direct or autonomous demand.

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A consumer can buy 6 units Good-X and 8 units of Good-Y if he spends his entire income. The prices of the two goods are ₹ 6 and ₹ 8 respectively. ____ states that marginal utility of a good diminishes as the consumer consumers additional units of a good. If the price elasticity of demand is ZERO, it means expenditure on the commodity may ____ with the change in price of the commodity.

There is direct relationship between the demand for a product and the price of its substitute. Example- scooter and a motorcycle, tea and coffee. Demand for a commodity depends on its price. As price rises, for a normal good, demand falls and vice-versa.


Before you pay back the $1,000 principal and $50 interest, the inflation rate increases to 10 percent. A) Nobody loses, because the terms were set before the inflation rate increased, and once the terms are set, inflation does not affect the situation. B) You lose, because the dollars that you have borrowed are worth more the higher the inflation rate.

One can assess the for ‘engineering services’ based on the demand for precision instruments and the business activity in the precision engineering industry. For example, the demand for food, shelter, clothes, and vehicles is direct demand as it arises out of the biological, physical, and other personal needs of consumers. However, in the case of joint demand, rise in the price of one commodity results in the fall of demand for the other commodity. In the above example, an increase in the price of cars will cause a fall in the demand of not only of cars but also of petrol. Processed materials are goods that have been refined or otherwise assembled from raw materials.

Price demand is inversely proportional to the price of a product or service. As the price of a product or service rises, its demand falls and vice versa. Therefore, price demand indicates the functional relationship between the price of a product or service and the quantity demanded.


A market demand curve for labor shows the quantities of labor demanded by a particular firm in a specific labor market. A particular firm in various labor markets. As more businesses become dependent on computer technology and people expand their home-computing capabilities, the demand for computers rises. Consequently, we may see derived demand in the related products of computer peripherals such as computer mice, monitors, external drives, and so on. We also could see derived demand for the internal components of computers, like motherboards and video cards, and the materials required to produce them. Sometimes derived demand for, say, raw materials does not change significantly as a result of changes in demand for a given product.

When several items are demanded for one particular purpose such demand is known as Joint Demand. Demand for complementary goods is also known as Joint Demand. For example, for fabrication of furniture, the items required are wood, nails, varnish, etc. It has been assumed that demand of a particular commodity is quite independent of demand for other goods. But in actual life, most of the demands are closely inter-related.

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